About the Artist

I qualified as an Architect way back in the 70's, but always liked sketching in the street more than hunching over a drawing board. Autocad became the production tool of choice in the 80's for many Architects, but my fountain pen and a watercolour box called! My first urge was to collect enough work to hold an exhibition in a central city Gallery , but having endured a few of these wine and cheese and "obligatory dignatory" gatherings, the restraints imposed by the Gallery system soon began to outweigh the financial advantages. Exhibiting in less formal situations has allowed me to have the pleasure of meeting the people who actually buy my paintings

About the Paintings

My paintings follow a very traditional pattern.A pencil sketch is followed by a fairly detailed drawing in Indian ink, using a number of pens . With more complex buildings as subject matter this can be quite demanding, but my training and love of the Architecture that I choose to paint , makes it a task worth doing. Watercolour then adds the next dimension, as it is a medium that can impart life to a scene, but also introduces an element of chance ! A change in temperature or humidity will influence the outcome. However, once the painting is dry, my use of the traditional mediums of Indian Ink, Artists quality watercolours and fine art paper, mean that the painting has a good archival base to start from. If kept out of direct sunlight and protected from the elements in a good frame, my paintings will be gracing walls into the next century.

About the Prints:only  $24 each

I make my prints with pigment ink on a heavyweight, mould made etching paper. They are of such a quality that, without using an eyeglass,it is almost impossible to tell them apart from the originals! With this in mind, I keep them smaller than the original paintings, so as to not risk confusion. The collection of 29 Prints shown on this site are each signed and numbered, out of an edition of 500. To protect them and dislpay to their full advantage, each one is mounted on a piece of archival quality mountboard, backed with a light but strong foam cored board and then covered on the front with an acetate type , crystal clear layer . A description of each print and a brief history of the scene, is displayed on the back. See print images 30/31 and 31/31 on my print page for an example

David Coppinger, Melbourne

If you would like to see me and my paintings in person, visit the Victorian Art Centre Sunday Market.
Each Sunday between 10.00am and 4.00pm!